RCIA Hospitality & Prayer Ministry

Share the love of Christ with our brothers and sisters entering the Catholic Church this year.  Sign up to bring appetizers, salads or desserts throughout the RCIA journey.

Having food available when they arrive is one thing that touches the hearts of those on the RCIA journey.  Your care for them reflects the love of Christ for them, in the St. Paul community.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no homemade food is allowed. All food donations must be individually sealed. Purchased items can be dropped off at the Church after 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays.

You can also help by donating $10 (or more!) that will provide a tray of muffins or bottled water. Click on the "Give Online" button to donate.

Also, please consider using your gift of prayer to support our RCIA family. Sign up yourself or your family to pray specifically for one of the people on the RCIA journey this year.

Please email the following information to Michele Blate ([email protected]):

Name, Phone number (is this a cell phone? If so, do you prefer a text or call?)

Michele will contact you with a name of a person to pray for and will keep you updated on activities on the journey that may require special prayer. Thank you for your gift of prayer!